To celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd, we will be giving away bags from all of our collections in 1 giant bundle valued at over $300. This is the biggest giveaway of reusable bags we have ever done! To enter all you need to do is join our community by subscribing below.

On April 22nd we will randomly select a winner from our subscribers. Join us and stay tuned!
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Stores all over are giving out thousands of single use plastic bags. Just as quickly as these bags are given out, they are then thrown out. No one wants to pollute our earth, and I'm sure everyone at some point has felt guilty of using single use plastics. It's hard to escape being surrounded by this. However we can make a change, and we're here to help.
We understand that our community wants to be stylish, and support environmental sustainability. You shouldn't have to choose one or the other, and you don't need to with The Market Bags. Our reusable bags are both beautiful and handcrafted in Canada with sustainable fabrics. Stay trendy and feel good about yourself knowing you are making a difference in our world. We're confident we have reusable bags you'll love!