Washable Paper Zip Bag - Black

Washable Paper Zip Bag - Black

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Our washable paper bags are made using sustainable cellulose fibres. These bags are soft but resilient, resembling a cross between leather and cardstock. It can be washed like fabric and ironed. Use these wonderfully unique bags for snacks, toiletries, or any goods you need to stash for on the go.

Approximately 7"x7"

Care Instructions:

Wash in warm water with a mild detergent - machine washer and dryer friendly, but we recommend hand washing to extend the life of the product.

 1% of all bag sales are donated to the Mamas for Mamas Sustainable Nourishment Program. This ensures everyone has access to fresh and nourishing produce.

As all items are handmade, therefore there may be slight variations than shown in the picture.

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