Light's Out, Fun's On: 6 Playful Ideas for Earth Hour

Hey there, fellow earthlings!

Are you ready for Earth Hour? It's that time of the year again when we switch off our lights for 60 minutes to show our commitment to saving the planet. But, just because the lights are out, it doesn't mean the fun has to stop! In fact, here are some playful and fun things you can do during Earth Hour on March 25th:

  • Host a candlelit dinner party: Who says you need electricity to have a good time? Gather your friends and family, light some candles, and enjoy a delicious meal together. Bonus points if you cook with sustainable ingredients!
  • Stargaze: With the lights out, the sky will be clearer, and you'll be able to see more stars than ever before. Bundle up, grab a blanket, lay down outside, and look up. You might even spot a shooting star or two! 
  • Have a board game night: Break out the board games and gather around the table for some friendly competition. This is a great opportunity to unplug and connect with the people around you.
  • Play a musical instrument: Whether you're a pro or a beginner, playing music can be a great way to pass the time during Earth Hour. Bonus points if you're able to do it by candlelight!
  • Write letters by hand: In this digital age, it's rare to receive a handwritten letter. Take this opportunity to reconnect with loved ones by lighting a candle and writing them a heartfelt note.
  • Meditate: With no distractions, Earth Hour is the perfect time to clear your mind and focus on your breathing. Find a quiet spot, close your eyes, and let the stress melt away.

    These are just a few ideas to get you started, but the possibilities are endless. So, gather your loved ones, switch off your lights, and have some fun while showing your commitment to our planet. Happy Earth Hour, everyone!

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