Two ideas for keeping Halloween less freaky and more fun

To be honest, it may be October now, but we’ve had Halloween on the brain for weeks and we are so excited. Why?!

Well, for starters, we love dressing up: call us children at heart. And, if you can believe it or not, this will be the first year that the Market Bags HQ is decorated! We are loading up on secondhand and thrifted accessories.

But more importantly to the Market Bags mission, we’re stoked to be bringing back our super popular, reusable bags for you and your trick-or-treating little (or big) ones to fill with all the Halloween treats. This year, we’ve printed not one, but two ghoulishly delightful bags to stuff your goodies into.

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Why choose a reusable bag for your Halloween door-knockin'?

Not to scare the pants off you, but those plastic pails you see everywhere are a total waste of resources and, well, they’re plastic (boo!). No bueno. If you can source your pails secondhand, that’s awesome and we fully support that!

We’re here to make the case for a reusable bag this Halloween season. Last year we trialled a boo-tiful screenprint idea and were blown away by the response: you really loved them (and we are so grateful!). So, we brought them back this year with a new design thrown into the mix. Not only are our bags made of comfy, organic cotton (making them much nicer to carry around all night), but they can also be used as a tote bag for other goodies the whole year ‘round.

In the world of low-waste living, versatility is key and - we think - makes for a truly sustainable product. Of course, there are always those one-off items that are really only good for one holiday season and that’s fine! But, when more of our “stuff” can be multi-functional, it feels better, it’s space-saving, and we’re doing the planet a favour. Plus, re-using items means we don’t have to buy so many items. These days, with prices being truly terrifying, we are all about that.

Thrifting your way to a spooky set-up 

Halloween has become a holiday fraught with waste. From the ubiquitous individually-sized candy bars to flimsy costumes from Alibaba and plastic decorations, it’s all turned into one, big, living nightmare!

But thankfully, more and more folks (including us) are slowing down to be a bit more intentional about this holiday, all while keeping things light-hearted and fun. For us, this has meant digging into the world of secondhand everything to find fun costume accessories and door decorations. The best part about this is that it can really be a family affair and kids totally get into it!

Some of our favourites for this Halloween season:

  • Check your local thrift shop for kid's costumes - they're often almost new and cost a fraction of the original price. Another option - check your locally owned costume shop (Calowna Costumes, I'm talking about you - you can rent incredibly elaborate costumes here)
  • Spooky decor can also be found at any thrift shop these days! We found some good ol' tombstones, hands to plant in the planter, a rat skeleton in a cage a few hatchets and axes, 2 skulls, and a hanging bat skeleton all for about $25

We’d love to know what your favourite tricks are for keeping Halloween from being frighteningly wasteful!

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