The Haul

Hello and welcome to The Haul, a blog for our amazing Market Bags community!

Since we started The Market Bags in 2018, we’ve wanted to do a blog. But as any small business owner can attest, we often wear multiple hats: marketing, production, comms, quality assurance, shipping and receiving, accounting, you get the picture. Finding time to write things down beyond Instagram captions was tricky at best!

Throw in a baby and a global pandemic and it’s a downright hoedown. (yup, that happened!)

It’s a lot and we’re still figuring out how to juggle it all. But with the dust settling on this pandemic (maybe? hopefully? fingers and toes crossed?!) and with a few stars aligning, we’re excited to finally be able to dive into blog development.

Big News

Recently, we applied for and won a $20,000 grant through Desjardins GoodSpark Grants. The Market Bags was one of 150 small businesses to receive this grant, and we are S-T-O-K-E-D! This is a Really Big Deal for us! The grant will allow us to keep making epic bags for you and will also give us the time and space to put words on paper. Hence, The Haul!

This blog will be many things!

You’ll look forward to seeing:

  • Posts about the perils of plastic
  • Behind-the-scenes posts (think “How It’s Made” but for The Market Bags - we’ll work on getting Mark Tewksbury to narrate)
  • Interviews with some of our favourite people: graphic designers, screen printers, farmers, fellow business ladies, and just downright good humans!
  • Inspiring content that will get you thinking about sustainability in a fresh, fun way
  • Food, wellness, and other lifestyle tidbits!
  • Bad dad jokes. Lots of bad dad jokes. 
  • And always: reminders of why our individual actions, when added up over time, lead to big change.

We’re so happy to be sharing this space with you! Here's to more discussions and getting excited about saving the planet together. 

– Julia & The Market Bags Team 💚

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