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All of our reusable bags are handcrafted with love in Kelowna, Canada using eco friendly materials. We have a wonderful team of talented local seamstresses that are passionate about our mission to inspire change. It's important to us to provide opportunities within our community. From aesthetically pleasing designs to quality workmanship, we create bags that you'll be proud to own.

Mamas for Mamas is a charitable organization that supports mothers in crisis, and provides ongoing support to low income mamas and their kids.

One of the programs they offer is a Sustainable Nourishment Program which supports and promotes food security for low income mothers and families.

Julia, the founder of The Market Bags believes that everyone deserves access to proper nutrition. As an early childhood educator for over a decade, Julia saw the direct correlation between nutrition and child development. It was a no brainer to help this great organization and it's members.

Disposable plastic grocery bags and plastic produce bags are major contributors to a planet wide plastic problem. Not only are these devastating our environment, who wants to use cheap plastic bags that rip apart when you put too much in them?!

Reusable bags have been available for some time now, however many of them are made from plastic and synthetic materials. Although they are reusable, at some point they will end up in our landfills and will not break down.

So to help battle this major crisis, grab some reusable grocery or produce bags and help our pretty little planet; It's the only one we've got.

We offer the following reusable bags both online and at retailers around the world:

Produce bags

Grocery Bags

Tote bags

Snack bags

Bread bags

Nut milk bags

Zip bags

Zip pouches

Our bags are so versatile that we're confident you could choose any of our bags as a gift and they'll be loved by that someone you care about.

Still hesitant? How about one of our gift cards that allows your friends or family to choose their own special favorites from The Market Bags. Visit our GIFT CARDS page to grab one today.

Our reusable bags are created using a variety of materials including:

Upcycled fabric

Organic cotton





Washable paper

Our materials vary. Our upcycled cotton is thrifted from within our community at organizations that usually give back to charities. It's a double whammy, they donate to charities and we donate to charities!

Our GOTS certified organic cotton which includes our mesh, muslin, and canvas is sourced from a family owned and operated factory in India that follows Max Havelaar fair trade guidelines. We ensure all of our suppliers operate ethically, and for this reason we are happy to support them.

Easy as pie, throw them in the washer with an eco friendly laundry detergent (preferably unscented) and a splash of vinegar in your rinse (if you want). Hand washing is another good option.

Lay flat to air dry, or toss them in the dryer on a low-medium heat setting.

ANYTHING! Our reusable produce and grocery bags aren't just for vegetables and food on your grocery store or farmers market visit. These handcrafted bags are stylish, so you'll want to use them for anything you can think of. Here's a few ideas:

Small toys

Beach trips

Snacks and sandwich bags

Garden harvesting

Camping trips

Office supplies

Road trips

Craft supplies

Picnic items

Travel organization

Diaper bags

Wine bags

Gift bags

Shopping bags

We're located in the center of the beautiful Okanagan valley in Kelowna, BC, Canada.

Please email hello@themarketbags.ca and we will do our best to accommodate any changes as necessary 

We're stoked that you're excited to get your reusable produce bags! We aim to fulfill all orders within 3 business days (often orders are shipped the next day). However once in a while there may be an unforeseen reason that we're unable to meet this deadline. In these rare situations we appreciate your patience while our team works as fast as we can.

We hold the quality of our products to a high standard. We want to provide you with the best reusable bags on the market, and we won't settle for anything less. If there are any manufacturing flaws in your product, please email us at hello@themarketbags.ca with photos and a description of your issue. Bags with manufacturing defects will be repaired or replaced with the same or similar bags within 30 days of purchase.